Dehydrated Nopal Powder (Opuntia Ficus Indica):

Nopal Powder (Polvo de Nopal) is derived 100% from young prickly pear cactus leaf pads. (These are the green nopal pads that prickly pear fruit grow on.)  Many consumers report they like the powder flavor of these younger leaf pads more than the powder of the older, large cactus pads sold by others.  

Prior to the dehydration and milling of the green pads, they are referred to as "nopalitos."   These flat, green leaf pads of the prickly pear cactus have been consumed by native American people for centuries as a food and medicinal source of nutrients.  Mexicans have a long tradition of eating "nopalitos" as vegetables once their spines are removed and the tough skin is peeled off.  

In it's dehydrated powder form, our young nopal pads provide a great nutritional addition to smoothies, juices, omelets, soups and salads. The pads contain vitamins, protein and minerals, including potassium.  Research indicates Nopal cactus powder provides a nutritional support for inflammation, hyperglycemia, cholesterol, obesity, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.  One well known medical doctor suggests Nopal to support blood glucose levels for diabetics.  

Recommended dosage: 1 Tablespoons daily.

Servings per container:  44 Tablespoons or Dosages (Or 22 if you take 2 Tablespoons daily).

This is a better value than the Nopal capsules being sold in bottles because you get more for your money.  

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 Nopal Cactus Water: Recently there has been an interest in those who are buying Cactus Water.  This is the same Nopal that is used in Cactus Water!  It is a great way to save money by making your own Cactus Water by getting a bottle of water and adding a small amount of Nopal powder to it.

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