Customers Product Testimonials:

DISCLAIMER:  Below are a few of the many wonderful testimonials we receiveeach week from individuals who use our products.  We don't make promises that everyone will have similar results (everyone is different).  Yet we are happy to hear that so many repeat customers are benefiting from our prickly pear products.  We hope you too can find your "natural" solutions to better health.   (Note: I sell my products on Amazon too, but free shipping is only available on this web site.)

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Extract on 7/28/2017

Kevin, this is why we recommend you to all our friends and neighbors, your follow up.  Thank you soooo much. My wife calls this her miracle.  This helps with her joints and has lowered her cholesterol levels.  Email from Eric Adams.

Testimonial re:  Nochtli-Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 7/16/2017

Love Nochtli - can't live normally without it.  I have far less inflammation and discomfort when I take this product on a daily basis.  The bonus is that it tastes good and it's all natural.  It works miracles for me.  Doris Soto, Amazon customer.

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Chewable Tablets on 7/02/2016

My experience with the product has been outstanding.  On my lst order, I started the tablets on a Thursday and could tell the difference in my neck and elbow pain by Saturday.  J.W. Pulte

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Extract on 10/28/2015 (Amazon Customer)

I have been using this product for nearly two years to reduce inflammation, and it truly helps.  When you suffer from arthritis as I do, reducing the pain is a primary call, and Prickly Pear is a natural product that helps me meet that goal.  R. Stevens

Testimonial re:  Nochtli Prickly Pear & Nopal Chewable Tablets on 7/13/2015

Thank you so much Kevin!  I love your product.  It has helped my stiffness and sore joints immensely! Followup Email from Karen Crawford, Gilbert, AZ.

Testimonial re:  Nochtli Prickly Pear & Nopal Chewable Tablets on 3/09/2015

The prickly pear product has been working very well as the replacement for Nopalea!  Thank you!  Karen Crawford, A Personal Email from Amazon Customer.

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Extract on 2/20/2015

Just want to say thank you for the product and for the fast delivery.  Your product is helping and we are happy using it.  Thank you.  Email from Tim Thompson, 2/20/2015

Testimonial re:  Weight Loss with Nopal Cactus Powder on 11/4/2014

Kevin, I've tried to mix your Nopal in my drinks, but I found that I can get exactly the amount I want everyday (dose?) by making my own capsules.  Empty veg or gel caps are very inexpensive. I take 3 grams per day along with some other food supplements.  I've lost over forty pounds since Spring.  How much is attributable to Nopal?  I don't know, but I'm sure not going to change my formula.  Thanks for helping!  Email from Joe Horvath, Amazon Customer, 11/4/2014.

Testimonial re:  Nochtli Prickly Pear Chewable Tablets on 10/13/2014

Hi!  I wanted to send a quick testimonial for the Nochtli Prickly Pear Chewable Tablets!  I have had sinus issues for quite some time now.  Loss of smell, allergies, nasal polyps, you name it.  I've been on rounds of antibiotics & steroids to keep the inflammation down, and they always work wonders, however, everyone knows this is not a long term solution!  I was bound and determined to find something natural that would work.  I knew there was something out there.  I've researched and found all the foods to eat to keep inflammation at bay.  I follow Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory name it, I'm doing it!  Then I found these little babies! The Nochtli Prickly Pear Chewable tablets.. they taste yummy, super convenient sense of smell is coming back!  I recommend these to everyone I know!  Thank you for having these little gems!  Jodi Hnatyshak (Email received on 10/13/2014)

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Testimonial re:  Nochtli Prickly Pear Chewable Tablets on 07/18/2014

Email received from Customer:

Hi Kevin, If you have the opportunity, would you mind adding some additional business cards?  I am telling everyone about Prickly Pear and the chewables.  They are very convenient and don't taste bad at all.  My experience with the product has been outstanding.  On my last order, I started the tablets on a Thursday and could tell the difference in my neck and elbow pain by Saturday.  I shared the last order with my co-worker and she felt better after a couple of days as well.  I live in Missouri and went to visit family in Nebraska - they ordered some last week.  I'm waiting on that feed back.  Last night, I told one of my college students about the product because she has arthritis - she said she's going to order.  Plus, another co-worker and her husband ordered yesterday!  I really hope everyone who tries this product is as happy as I am!  BTW - What is the shelf life for the chewable tablets?  Thanks again.  T. Barron, High Ridge, Missouri.

Testimonial re:  Nochtli Prickly Pear Chewable Tablets on 7/17/2014

Email received from Customer:

Kevin, the (chewable) tablets are excellent!  At this point I've tried the powder, the juice, and the drops, and my favorite by far are the tablets.  The tablets are the most convenient form.  I even happen to think they are more potent.  Did I mention also the tastiest?  All my opinion of course.  Kindest Regards, E. Spann, Pensacola, Florida.

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Extract (Dropper Bottle) on 5/30/2014

Personal email received from Customer:

Thanks for the info and helpful tips!  I can tell a difference already.  I have a slipped disc and sciatica issues and this stuff has really made a difference.  I ran 6 miles Saturday pain free!  Shannon McKee, Sesser, Illinois

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 5/27/14 (Amazon Customer)

My order for prickly pear red fruit powder was delivered so quickly from Arizona.  Customer service gets a five star rating.  Thank you Kevin Smith!  I used to use green nopal powder to treat one of the components of asthma, the inflammation.  I am so glad that I found Prickly Pear Products and decided to try the red fruit powder.  It dissolves very well in a cold beverage.  I take mine in lemonade, and it tastes delicious.  I will continue to take this product for life to help with my asthma.   Wendy from North Carolina

Testimonial re:  Nochtli-Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 5/14/2014

Hello Kevin, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I continue to be impressed by your product and excellent service.  Thank you!  Eric Spann

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Extract on 5/10/2014

Amazon Reviewer: 5 Stars, Order #112-5435940-2797841

"The product arrived promptly, and the product is very helpful in reducing inflammation."

Rosemarie Stevens, Euless, TX.

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 4/22/2014

Personal email received from Customer:

THANK YOU!  My husband just loves it and it really works for the arthritis he has in both of his knees.  Since he is a bartender by day, he is always on his feet.  And together with the Tommy Copper knee brace and 2 tsp. of prickly pear powder in his healthy smoothie every morning, he is in great shape.  We have recommended this product ONLY to quite a few people.  Very satisfied with your product.  Annrene Rowe, Ana Maria, Florida.

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 4/3/2014  (Amazon Customer)

Love this product.  Have harvested the pears in past but involves a lot of work.  Supply of fresh product unpredictable, as well - esp if one does not live in southwest.  By Shopteri

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (Dropper Bottle) on 8/13/2013

Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars, Order #002-4760020-6358653

I have purchased the prickly pear extract for 9 months.. I have a spinal injury with lots of inflammation, sciatic nerve, where my left foot turns in and cramps and both legs cramp horrible with horrible pain.  I have had MRI and my docdtor put me on medications and flexeril and sleeping I was up most nights in pain..over the first few days, I noticed less and less cramps in my legs and feet, no more screaming in pain at night..the sciatic nerve has been soothed and I can do my house work and other chores pain free....AS LONG as I take it as directed...a dropper full 3 to 4 times a day..If it is a work day...I will take the 4 droppers, if it is a slow day I will take the 3.  I keep a small refrigerator in my room and keep the bottle in there...chilled and I take my last dosage at I get a great nights sleep...I buy 3 bottles at a have it on hand...My hubby said his shoulder hurt..I have him on one of the I have to buy it for both of us!! He is HOOKED.  Sherry, Exmore, VA

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Testimonial re: Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 8/3/2013

Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars, Order #108-2034700-0587400

Excellent service and product. I have been adding it to my protein shakes and its really great.  I have had an ache in my back and it's not as bad. I really like this stuff.  Michelle Spencer, Edmond, OK

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 7/18/2013

Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars, order 106-9315136-9869010

This product is a more effective anti-inflammatory than RX products costing many times more.  Its use has materially improved my life.  The seller's service is excellent. Paul Kinslow.

Testimonial re:  Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (Dropper Bottle) on 6/14/2013


Kevin, I am taking the Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe.  The first 4 weeks I took it 3 times a day, now I take it twice a day.  It took a couple of weeks to notice the difference, then it slowly got better and better.  I find that I can use it twice a day now to maintain the swelling.  We also recently purchased the Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder for the antioxidant value.  It's great in smoothies!  Thanks again, Jory McDaniel, Hermitage, TN.


Kevin, I rarely give testimonials, but this is a must for me.  I have arthritis in my neck and have lived with pain and stiffness for years.  My sister told me about your products, and how fast and reliable your shipments are.  I was hesitant at first, but after a couple of weeks I noticed a considerable difference.  I can't thank you enough.  And she's right about the shipping!  Sincerely, Jory McDaniel, Hermitage, TN

Testimonial re: Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 5/2/2013

Mr. Smith, I would like to share this information with you.  Two years ago I had a heart transplant.  My nephew told me about your Nochtli-Ruby Antioxidant.  He is an extremely satisfied consumer.  He suggested that your product would help me with joint pain.  I can only take prescription medication, with the exception of Tylenol Extra Strength.  My concerns were if there would be any adverse interaction with the Nochtli.  I took the information that you sent me to my cardiologist in Seattle and my diabetes doctor in Anchorage.  Both doctors said it would do no harm or react negatively with any of the medications I'm taking.  I have been taking Nochtli for 3 months now and my joint pain has lessened, and I have an increase in energy!  George H. Cline, Anchorage, Alaska

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (drops) on 4/27/2013

I love the EXTRACT.. it has taken away so much of my pain...and I have a life.  I was thinking if this Extract gave me this much freedom and feeling good then maybe I would be able to FLY (lol) just kidding...God bless you.  Sherry Borror, Exmore, VA.

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (drops) on 4/17/2013 

Hello, Kevin, I have to say that since I have started on my first bottle of extract, I have felt soooo much better and more like I did before in my 20's.  And to add to it, I have even noticed that my eye site has gotten better!  Since the majority of my friends are now in their 50's and I hear them telling me their aches and pains, I tell them about the prickly pear.  I do know for a fact that some of my friends have already ordered the extract and have been taking it and do notice the difference as well.  I have just ordered my 2nd bottle and will probably continue to do as as it makes a world of difference.  I am happy to say that since I have taken the prickly pear, I haven't taken any pain medication whatsoever.  And I was taking a lot which did concern me about my liver.  I don't understand why doctors just don't tell people about this product.  I will continue to promote your product.  Have a wonderful day!  Jovonne Rodriguez, Highland, CA.

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 4/14/2013 by Amazon Customer:

I ordered PRICKLY PEAR RED FRUIT POWDER as I wanted a better product at a better value than the Dr. Oz endorsed product.  Having not tried anything like this before after much online reading I decided to try this.  I ordered the 3 pack.  I started using it .. in my cranberry juice.  I did try it in my green tea, but I think I prefer it in a cold juice better, but will keep experimenting.  I just started using it 4 days ago and I actually felt better immediately.  I can't say "how" better, but just more alert and having more energy.  I don't really have any inflammation problems just the aches and pains that come with being on my feet as a waitress and carrying heavy plates filled with food, and they seemed to lesson.... I will order from this seller again. I ordered this along with Nopal powder which came from another seller, but in looking at the website for the prickly pear red fruit powder seller, I see they sell Nopal powder also, so when I need more of that I will order that from them also.  F. Slotman

Testimonial re: Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 2/26/2013 

Last year we spent over $1,200 on products like this and the company we bought from was bad.  We referred 12 to 15 people to his site and that was a mistake.  We would order 2 and 4 cases at a time and nothing was delivered for over a month if at all.  We found your site by searching the net and so far we are impressed with your follow up and delivery.  We wanted to let you know it is refreshing to find you.  My wife uses this product and it has eliminated her joint issues and lowered her cholesterol. We hope the powder is just as effective.  If it is, we will be ordering a lot.  Just wanted to reach out to you and compliment you on your business practices.  Thanks, Eric A.

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (drops) on 2/23/2013

Thank YOU for offering such amazing products. I wanted to offer you another semi- review info. I ran out of my Prickly Pear Extract about 2 months ago. I was saving up for my next big order. I know how much your product had helped me initially (75% pain reduction), but I had no idea how much it was still helping me until I ran out.  50 days in (forgetting that I'd stopped taking the prickly pear) I couldn't figure out why I'd been having horrible joint pain for 40 days. Then it hit me that I'd stopped the prickly pear fruit! Needless to say, I can REALLY attest firsthand how much anti-inflammatory help this product gives those suffering from joint pains.  You can bet I won't let my supply run out ever again if I can help it!  Thanks again
Cynthia Rosa (New Providence, NJ)

Testimonial re: Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 1/30/2013 from Amazon Customer

Great Taste.  This prickly pear juice is so good and helps to reduce my blood pressure so efficiently, I'm a user for life!  Jennifer Trimmer

Testimonial re: Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 1/20/2013 from Amazon Customer

My best friend through e-mail told me all about this awesome drink. I tried it now I love it and telling all my friends.
It is a great juice and it keeps me feeling good. To me IF you had 10 stars up there I would light up all 10 !!!!  Douglas Fairchild.

Testimonial re: Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 1/18/2013 from Amazon Customer

I am a natural supplement skeptic, but I can assert that taken as directed, this product, although did not "cure" my osteoarthritic hands, reduced the pain and stiffness to the point where days go by when I don't notice it at all.  Paul K. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 1/16/2013

Healthy Prickly Pear Fruit:  I love it. I mix it in my morning juice and it taste fabulous. I have recommended to all my family and friends with arthritis. It tastes like the fresh fruit of the cactus. Yummm.  Mary Egan (Amazon Customer)

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Testimonial regarding Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 1/03/2013 from Amazon Customer

Simply Amazing.  Been using this product for some time now and figured it was more than deserving of a review, which I rarely give. First let me say that I've tried similar products which claim similar things, but simply this one was the only that I found to truly be effective, not to mention available at a lower price. It tastes a lot better than the rest, kind of a mellow sweet berry flavor. What attracted me first to this offering was the simple ingredient claim, and they aren't kidding, there's really not much else in here than the cactus ingredients with a bit of flavor and vitamin C. The label says 99.5% cactus, which is great.

For me, it took a bit over 2 weeks to see the full benefit with respect to the inflammation reduction (I have a bad knee), but the energy increase is pretty noticeable right away. Mind you, it's probably not the same type of feeling you get from taking a strictly energy supplement, but those are chalk full of caffeine and as far as I know, far from being 'natural' like Nochtli is. Label says to take an of ounce a couple of times a day, which I did at first, but now I seem to feel great on just 1 serving in the morning. I'm hoping that more people find out about the benefits of the nopal cactus, and when they do they think to try this product.

The packaging, while having little to do with the actual product, is very attractive so makes for a good gift. The inclusion of the dosing cup was a nice surprise and good thinking on their part to include. I've purchased a few bottles for family and friends who all seem to have only good things to say and I'll continue to keep buying for myself as well. Customer for life!  P. Stryka

Testimonial regarding Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear & Nopal Juice) on 12/3/2012

Best tasting of any prickly pear juice that I have tried.  I have bought Nochtli several times...Consistently great taste. It helps fight inflammation which is why my Husband and I drink it daily. I would recommend this to anyone.  Brenda from Illinois

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 12/1/2012

I had a question about pricing and sent an email to Kevin Smith. He got back to me right away.  He also offered his phone number in case I had further questions.  This is caring customer serving at its best!  This product works for me:  So far, it has lowered my cholesterol, sugar, BP, inflammation, and has lessened the neuropathy in my feet from nerve damage.  Great product, great service!  Colleen D. (Bridgewater, MA)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 11/16/2012

Thank you... I noticed a physical change in my body just with the first time I took the teaspoons.  So I am looking forward to something really good.  Thanks again.  Andrew L. (Phoenix, AZ)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (drops) on 11/10/2012

Hi Kevin, just wanted to tell you I really like the Extract and am purchasing more... Jeff S. (Martinez, CA)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder on 11/02/2102 from Amazon Customer

I purchased the PRICKLY PEAR RED FRUIT POWDER because I have used cactus pads in the past but wasn't able to get the pear (apple, also called 'tuna') itself & had tried to find it. This year, after finally finding a local patch & having a painful run in with said patch, I decided to try & purchase them fresh locally but no luck. I even thought about buying the bottled juice in a gallon jug but then I would have to divide it into smaller containers for freezing (yes, it freezes well!!) so it would not go bad before I could use it all. That's when I found the PRICKLY PEAR RED FRUIT POWDER on AMAZON & sent for it. I'M VERY GLAD I DID! The powder was sent quickly & in excellent condition in the pouch as pictured. I can use whatever amount I need & reclose the pouch. I find 1 teaspoon is enough to use, which I mix with enough cold water to make a thin liquid to add to my 16oz. of aloe juice or other juice of the day but if you want a stronger taste then use 2 teaspoons. The red fruit powder tastes as good as the fresh & can even be used in plain water if that's your preference. All the taste & health benefits without the OUCH!!

I know there are benefits to using foods that are high in antioxidants & this is one of them. It also seems to be anti-inflammatory in nature as well. It seems to have helped with some of my pain & when I share it with my little dog she seems to feel better too.  Would I recommend the RED FRUIT POWDER? YES!! Sent quickly in a waterproof pouch, tastes good & good for you,...what's not to like??? I just wish I lived closer so I could go pick it up myself & meet the people who make it!! Dizzy's Mom. 

Testimonial following her order of Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (drops) on 10/20/2012

Kevin, ... thank you for this product, the Prickly Pear Extract.  I first tried Prickly Pear Juice in liquid form in another product (from another company).  It was very costly, 5 times more to be exact, compared to yours.  I looked at the ingredients in the big bottle that had cost over one hundred dollars for a month's supply.  The first ingredient was WATER...Water? I was very insulted to pay that much for water.  Their product did work after 3.5 weeks.  This first month was a gift from a friend who knew I lived in pain everyday.  I can not afford  to pay that every month, so I looked for alternatives and was happy to find your website.  Your Extract is much less costly and I felt immediate relief from my pain.  I thought this was like 'MAGIC in a bottle for arthritis." After going to doctors for years and being given pills after pills for pain, why hasn't anyone told me this is a natural way to feel 10 years younger and have more energy to move freely.  It has lessened my pain by 100%.  This may sound like it is too good to be true. But with just these little drops under my tongue, I can be almost with no pain at all.  I have told everyone I know and also anyone who will listen to me.  I am surprised how many people are living in pain.  I carry your web site address with me to give to everyone who is in need of pain relief.  And for Christmas this year, I will be giving out Prickly Pear Extract to my friends and family, also some co-workers.  Kevin, I can not thank you enough for giving me back my quality of life, free from pain and drugs to relieve that pain.  I wish you will get the word out to everyone.  That is how I feel about this product."  Cathleen L. (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)

Testimonial regarding Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear & Nopal Juice) October 14, 2012 from Amazon Customer:

Purchased this after researching the ingredients. Needed a boost, taste is great and it makes me feel better. Less joint pain after exercising, more energy. Just what I needed, ordered another bottle.  Joanne Lincoln, Riverside, Illinois

Testimonial following her order of Nochtli-Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) and Prickly Pear Extract with Aloe (10/18/2012)

"I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful product.  I will be ordering again and again and I will be letting friends and family know.  Your product is true to your word and I appreciate the effort and integrity your company puts into helping each of us strive to health and wellness on a daily basis."  Patricia R. (Ruckersville, VA)

Testimonial on Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder (10/12/2012)

"I wanted to send this testimonial to you... I am a 60 year old woman who had been struggling with high cholesterol and joint pain in my body, especially in my hands and knees.  I came across an advertisement for a nopal cactus drink (Nopalea) that was supposed to treat inflammation and decided to give it a try.  After using this product and having a very positive result with it, I was able to hike, walk, and jog somewhat with my very active dog, my hands were not in pain as they were before and my cholesterol went down about 20 points!  I was pleased with the results and sleeping well (which is also a nice benefit of consuming the prickly pear), but was getting tired of paying the high price for their product I had been taking, so I looked for a nopal powder that I could use instead that would not be such a burden on my budget.  I found the Prickly Pear Products website and decided to give the powder a try.  I have been taking the Prickly Pear RED Fruit powder for about 3 months now, and it has been a seamless transition from the other product I was taking, much less expensive, and I am still getting the same great results from the betalains contained in this product.  I just started doing Hot Yoga with my 27 year old daughter and I am amazed at how flexible I am despite the three knee surgeries that I have had.  I love this product and will continue to include it in my daily supplement regimen! P.S.  One thing I did not mention is that I also have included turmeric in my regimen which is also helping my inflammation, it's hard to tell what is doing what exactly but I know they both are helping me... It's nice doing business with you!"  Deborah B. (Santa Ana, CA)

Testimonial on Prickly Pear Extract (Drops) and Nochtli - Ruby (Prickly Pear Juice) on 10/4/2012

"I'm so excited. As you remember back in June my doctor just diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. She wanted to put me on medicine right away but gave me 3 months to try the Prickly Pear Product. Well, I had my blood tests done the end of September and what a change. The doctor was impressed. :) My A1c was at 7.6 back in June and now it's 6.3 and even my cholesterol levels have dropped the first time in years. I've been on Crestor since my heart surgery back in 2004 and the doctor said she was surprised to see they've dropped as well. I even lost 6 pounds. She said whatever I am doing keep up the good work. I asked her if she believes it's the Prickly Pear Product. She smiled and said I can't tell you it is or isn't, but there's definitely a difference, so continue whatever you're doing and we will test again in January. She read about the product as well and said she found it in the doctors web-site she uses. I have also noticed the swelling and tenderness that I've had since my heart surgery is almost gone. One of the Managers here at work ordered the drops last week and my mom in Minnesota is ordering the drops as well. And my 2 friends have just placed another order with me today, both have noticed a difference with their arthritis. I ordered the Red Prickly Pear Juice (Nochtli) this time but they like the drops. Again, thank you... Love the product. I will continue to spread the word. I'm surprised the Health food stores around here don't sell the product. Maybe I should think about starting a little Cactus Store out here in NY and buy all the product from you. :) Love it, Love!! " Sharon, New York

Testimonial on Nochtli - Ruby Prickly Pear Concentrate (9/9/2012)

"Thanks for the great service...I told my postal carrier...and she is interested... I must confess it's NOT a 'cure' for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My doctor let me try it as an alternative to medication and unfortunately my blood tests indicated that the RA got worse without medicine... I still feel better when I drink it and know it helps with many conditions, including the RA." Linda

Testimonial on Nochtli - Ruby Prickly Pear Concentrate (9/7/2012)

"I have to say it is delicious. I have arthritis and tendonitis and I added this to my arsenal of natural remedies because I don't tolerate drugs well... I also use SeaCuMax sea cucumber extract... astaxanthin, and essential fatty acids. I also like Zyflamend although I don't use it regularly. That and lots of protein are keeping me in pretty good shape without drugs. The other thing I will experiment with Nochtli for is 'mock-tails' since I don't drink and am always looking for pretty, tasty things to mix up into pretty non-alcoholic drinks. That fact that it's actually good for you makes it all the better. I use the Nopal Cactus Powder mixed into my daily protein shake... Looking forward to trying the cactus fruit powder this time for it's health benefits and potential decorative culinary uses. Thanks Kevin for a good product at a good price." Bridget H.

Testimonial on Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder (8/4/2012)

"I love the powder!!! It doesn't require refrigeration and that is a big plus for me. It does not have a taste and that makes a huge difference. I have been sharing this with my 85 year old mom who has osteoporosis and her bones in her spine are very fragile. She has been experiencing a lot of pain due to inflammation. She has been taking it for six days now and has already been given a little bit of relief from that pain. I will be ordering more as soon as I get paid again. Thank you! Cheryl A., Independence, MO.

Testimonial on Prickly Pear Juice and the Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder: (8/3/2012)

"My spine is so inflamed and stiff and the juice is the only thing that really takes care of the inflammation... P.S. The powder is actually just as good as the puree (prickly pear juice) I think. I was a bit leery but it is very effective." Michael T., Lake Charles, LA (8/3/2012)

Testimonial Responses from satisfied customer, Michael:

WOW Kevin, I can't thank you enough for your kindness again.  I hope someday I can repay you in some way.  You always service your customers with the highest quality of service.  It has kept me coming back even when I was unsure of a new product you had.  Thanks again, and I am praying for the success of your business."  Michael (8/3/2012)

Michael's email earlier in the day:

Hello Kevin, I just thought I would write to see if there was anyway you could get my order out today which is Friday the 3rd.  My spine is so inflamed and stiff and the juice is the only thing that really takes care of the inflammation.  I really thought I would be healed by now but God's timing is not mine.  Thanks for your promptness and kindness... P.S. The powder is actually just as good as the puree I think.  I was a bit leery but it is very effective."  Michael (8/3/2012)

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Amazon Testimonial on Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder: 2-Pack Resealable Mylar Bags (7/28/2012):

"5.0 out of 5 stars: Worked after 6 hours!!! This is an incredible find for me! I had back surgery 8 years ago for severe L4-5 DDD and herniation. Consequently, over the years, my back has gotten progressively worse, to the point where I developed neuropathy in both feet, which feels as if you are wearing socks all the time. I ordered this product after seeing another manufacturer of Nopalea juice advertised on TV. I researched what they claim the nopal cactus properties can do and looked on Amazon for the product (because the TriVita is way too expensive), found this prickly pear cactus fruit powder product, and decided to give it a try. I ordered it on Tuesday, received it on Thursday (even though it wasn't supposed to reach me for 7-15 days), and it arrived with a handwritten note from the owner. That does not happen too often, believe me! I took a 2 tsp dose on Thursday and on Thursday night already noticed a difference in my toes. I took it the next two days and the difference in the sensation in my feet had gone from a 3 to a 7 in just three short days! I have been on Neurontin and Ibuprofen for 4 years with no change at all. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! If you have a similar issue, I would urge you to give it a shot! It's a great and reasonable price, and I personally had nothing to lose! I praise God for this wonderful healing plant!" Colleen (7/28/2012)

Amazon Testimonial: Nochtli - Prickly Pear Juice (7/14/2012):

5.0 out of 5 stars: "Quick delivery. The Nochtli product is top of the line! Great supplement to help with hydration and your joint health. Perfect for runners and anyone who is active and wants to stay healthy." Sarah S.

Testimonial on Prickly Pear RED Fruit Powder (7/27/2012):

"I ordered this a month ago hoping it would help ease my joint pain from chronic Lyme disease and all over body aches from Fibromyalgia. I also needed my cholesterol lowered, antioxidant support and required blood vessel/cardio help due to my long term Bartonella infection. I also suffer from Chronic Fatigue. I had read lots of great reviews on the health benefits of cactus fruit and wanted to give it a try. I admit, I was skeptical at first due to how many remedies/medicines/herbs have failed me in the past. Less than a month later I am already noticing my joint pain and body aches are reduced by half so far and my cholesterol has come down more than 15 points! My doc has also noticed that my blood pressure and blood sugar has dropped a bit as well.

While I have not yet noticed any improvements in my level of fatigue, I do have more good days in which I notice more energy than before, and am hoping with more time and usage that these increase as well. It has also reduced my migraines as well. I mix my powder into my daily smoothies. I have purchased more fruit powder as well as am adding the green cactus powder (for the higher fiber content as well as the other benefits). Thank you again for offering such amazing products."

P.S. "I also would like to add that I am so happy with my own results that I have been adding it to my dog's food. I have also recommended it to others on my facebook page as well as several Lyme/Bartonella/Chronic fatigue/Fibromyalgia forums. I really believe so many can benefit from this superfood."

Cynthia (Cindy) Rosa., New Jersey (email received 7/27/2012)

Letter from customer who gave Prickly Pear to her dog and she reports it helped him too:

"I love your product. I started my 15 year old dog on it 3 weeks before they removed a tumor. They could not get all of the tumor and sent her home to live out her last few months of life. She had the staples taken out yesterday, they were blown away when they could not find any signs of a tumor. The skin was grown over two of the staples and the hair was growing back enough that they had to cut it to find the staples. They called the doctor out of surgery to look at her. He came out in the lobby and wanted to know what I did. Prickly Pear is not the only thing I did, but I did give her a couple of ounces a day, and I really do think it played a big roll in it. Barbara M. (7/3/2012)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 6/28/2012:

Excellent Product. I like this...A little hard to mix out but once mixed out it is wonderful. The taste is pleasant and it gives me energy and make me feel healthy. Also I always drink before my workout and it allows me to perform better. The seller is also very prompt and shipped things really fast. Also excellent customer service.  Darling E. (Bronx, NY)

Testimonial regarding Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder on 6/28/2012 by Amazon Customer:

This is an incredible find for me!  I had back surgery 8 years ago for severe L4-5 DDD and herniation.  Consequently over the years, my back has gotten progressively worse, to the point where I developed neuropathy in both feet, which feels as if you are wearing socks all the time.  I ordered this product after seeing another manufacturer of nopalea juice advertised on TV.  I researched what they claim the nopal cactus properties can do and looked on Amazon for the product (because the Trivita is way too expensive), found this prickly pear cactus fruit powder product, and decided to give it a try....I took a dose on Thursday and on Thursday night already noticed a difference in my toes.  I took it the next two days and the difference in the sensation in my feet has gone from 3 to a 7 in just three short days!  I have been on Neurontin and ibuprofen for 4 years with no change at all.  THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!  If you have a similar issue, I would urge you to give it a shot!  It's a great and reasonable price, and I personally had nothing to lose!  I praise God for this wonderful healing plant!  Colleen.

Letter from customer who found Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder helps her with inflammatory/artritis

"Hi Kevin! My dogs thank you for the new Red Prickly Pear Powder! Now they get to go for more walks with me!" Patty S. (This testimonial came on cute stationery with a picture of a dog holding a leash in it's mouth and the printed words, "Let's Go." I called Patty on the phone to verify what she meant and she reported she feels better with the powder and that's why she can take her dogs for more walks.) 6/26/2012

Testimonial from customer 5/14/2012

"I took a print out of your product to work and shared it with co-workers. I know many of them suffer from issues as well. The product has helped me. I will soon be re-ordering for my mother in Florida as well. She has arthritis, she told me today the pain level is down to about a four." Michael

Testimonial from customer 5/9/2012

"Thanks so much for such quick delivery. I've been very pleased with both my orders. I think this product is actually beginning to work. You also package the juice very well. I'll be back!" Rickie

Testimonial from customer 4/26/2012 (Nochtli - Ruby)

"Here is my review of Nochtli: Nochtli puree is the best, I love it!!!! I ordered my first 3 bottles about 3 weeks ago, and the difference is amazing. I was drinking another nopal juice, but this puree is primo, and to me it tastes good. I feel energized, and I'm feeling so good, my knee and joint pain is virtually gone. Nochtli is helping me with my exercise and diet plan also, I don't feel the craving for carbs/sweets anymore, and I have lost 6 lbs. since I started taking it. Thank you so much for making this product available, again all I can say is it's making a true difference in my health and in my life." Sharon S.

An Amazon customer sent me this email 4/23/2012

"I've already given you 5 stars. I've become a very cynical person when it comes to health care, and if the pain and numbness in my feet had not been to the point beyond tears (just moaning when I couldn't be overheard), I wouldn't have even given this juice a second glance. It's delicious and while I'm hesitant to recommend 'miracle cures' to anyone -- I'm telling you as truthfully as I can (having been in and out of hospitals from the age of 7 to my current age of 62) there has never been (with the best treatment available in St. Louis) anything that has alleviated symptoms as your juice. A nice side effect is a major improvement in my allergies. They have gotten progressively worse through the years and I'm clearing up and healing. Thanks for your service and gift of healing. God bless." Kathy C.

Testimonial from customer 4/23/2012 (Prickly Pear Pure Blend)

"Hi Kevin, I just placed my second order through your website because I gave two bottles to a family/friend to try as they have been suffering from chronic pain. My sister was one, and she reported after 5 days a 50% decrease in joint pain and stiffness, and after 7 days a 70% decrease. She is thrilled, as am I. My sister will be placing an order soon! Thanks for making this great product." Cheryl H.

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Testimonial from customer 4/12/2012 (Prickly Pear Juice):

"I started drinking your Prickly Pear Juice about 3 months ago to see if it would help with my seasonal allergies. Amazingly, I am cured! I would normally have to take Zyrtec or Claritin along with kenalog injections, however since I have been drinking 1/4 cup of PPJ daily, I have not had any problems! Thank you for your wonderful product. I have recommended several people to your website." Donna S.

AMAZON Customer wrote: (4/10/2012):

"Product is excellent and the one time I called the company, they were very responsive. My order was split across two boxes and sent the same day, but they took the time to put a personal note in each of the boxes explaining this." Lois. R.

AMAZON Customer wrote: (4/6/2012):

"Delivered fast, good tasting. I will have to order more since I only ordered one bottle..." Ed R.

AMAZON Customer wrote: (4/3/2012):

"Works great for inflammation. Wonderful transaction. Will be ordering more. Told several of my friends." Phil T.

Testimonial from customer 4/4/2012 (Nopal Cactus Powder):

Hi Kevin, I have been using this product for only a short while but I have noticed a difference already. I have been using it to help with stiffness and pain. I thank God for making me take notice and trying something that others would not think was conventional. I told my parents and they want to try the powder (LOL). They also suffer from arthritis and I know it will help them as well. I have to admit the smell, taste and grittiness (irritated my throat) bothered me at first. However, I find that if I let the powder rehydrate in hot liquid (such as coffee or flavored tea) it takes care of the grittiness... Thanks again, Angela R.

Testimonial from customer 3/14/2012:

"Dear Kevin, I just wanted to let you know I do believe the prickly pear juice is helping. A few weeks ago I went to my hemotologist, and my blood work is improving! ... Previously my blood work was showing a decline in my blood count and and an increase in my inflammation, as my dosage of prednisone decreased. I was very pleased to learn that after being on the juice for only 1.5 - 2 weeks, I was already seeing improvement in blood work. Let Father be praised for his healing power he has placed in each human body, and in the plants and herbs of the fields!!! Blessings on you and yours, Shalom, Jodie."

This customer first wrote me an email on 12/3/2011 saying:

"Dear Mr. Smith, I got your name from a gentleman who comments on an online newsletter. I comment on it too, and a few days ago he mentioned an amazing product he was using. He said that in the winter he had a hard time walking, before using your product.... I am a basically healthy person, but I am, at 78 years, having some arthritis, and also an elevated cholesterol... I am interested in natural health products to help me stay strong and healthy, so I would very much appreciate to hear from you. Sincerely, Lisa

Then after purchasing my prickly pear juice concentrate she sent me a 2nd email in follow up on 2/24/2012:

"Dear Mr. Smith, It is time to order more of the Prickly Pear Pure Blend. I like it very much, because it works for me. I was having problems with arthritis in my shoulders. I drink the juice first thing in the morning and I am no longer having the pains. I got 4 bottles the first week in December, and I am almost out. So I would appreciate another 4 bottles. I do not want to run out of the juice, so please contact me by e-mail or telephone..." Lisa (February 24, 2012)

Testimonial from Steve: 2/24/2012

"I have ordered 2 bottles of your prickly pear juice and it has been amazing. It has lowered sugar levels... Have noticed suppressed appetite, less pain in joints, better bowel response including prostate (better flow). My wife has started taking for intestinal disorder. Steve O. (February 24, 2012)

Testimonial from a new customer Caroline:

"This is our interesting feedback. Daisy is the one the order was shipped to. She is 87 and her husband is 94. He was having extreme back pain. They were saying it was arthritis, but nothing gave him any relief. After taking the juice for one week, he could sit and not complain of his back hurting. So they will be a continuing customer of the Prickly Pear Blend. We are sold on the juice. Thank you." Caroline and Daisy. (January 24, 2012)

AMAZON Customers:

"This is a great juice... It slowed my arthritic pain. I loved the taste. The shipping and price needs to come down. But overall it is a terrific drink. It does exactly as it states. I have more energy also. Prickly Pear Pure Blend (1-Bottle)... Miraculous!!!!! It tastes great in apple juice, cranberry juice, & excellent alone. It definitely is a superfruit." (January 18, 2012)

"I like the unique flavor. I especially like adding it to my breakfast smoothies or mixed in my apple juice. Already I'm feeling the health benefits from it!” Anonymous

"At the end of my work day when I'm driving home, I usually feel tired like my blood sugar is low, and I feel sleepy at the wheel. But since I've been drinking a small amount of the Nopal concentrate during my lunch hour, I've noticed my blood sugar level feels more balanced for the rest of the day. Then I don't feel so drowsy driving home anymore." Denise

"Hello Kevin... Thank you VERY much for the Nopal powder. I find it to be more energy producing than the red fruit concentrate, but I like both a lot. I have a suggestion you may want to pass on to your customers as a way to mix up the Nopal powder. It doesn't make it dissolve but mixes it with water or juices extremely well. It is a bottle shaker (Blender Bottle) with a metal whisk inside it that really works. You just open the flip top in the lid and drink right from the bottle immediately after shaking, add a little more water if you want to repeat the process to make sure you get all of the Nopal powder out. There are several brands. I am placing a new order for the red fruit concentrate and will get more powder when I run out. Many thanks for the package of Nopal powder. I look forward to future business with your company and communications with you. G.K.

"This is the first natural supplement i have ever used that really knocked the inflammation out of my whole body. The powder is also good but does not work as well for me. These are two of the finest products I have ever used, and I have tried a lot of different products. I am 74 and still learning about staying healthy and mobile." Thanks again, W.M. (10/1/2011)

"You mailed them on Thursday, got them on Saturday! THANK YOU!! You were right! The new bottles have: Pretty shape. Perfect seal. Pretty color juice. DELICIOUS TASTE -- so delicious that can be drank by itself! So delicious, that Aloe Vera juice can be added to it almost 50-50, and still tastes great (pure Aloe Vera tastes awful). If one adds a little pure Black Cherry concentrate which is thick, sweet, and has no additives at all...HEAVEN! I'm so delighted that I don't have to juice vegetables twice/day any more, just to hid the taste of the cactus and aloe Vera juices!! Athena (10/31/2011)

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AMAZON Customer:

"I use this powder (and the liquid) in smoothies. In a rush, I think either is okay with OJ or coffee. I use this product to help reduce chronic muscle pain and have found it helps. I will continue to use and respond. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. (10/31/11)

AMAZON Customer:

"It arrived earlier than expected in good condition. Happy product tasted good, as I've heard some complaints about competitors' products. This Prickly Pear Blend from Prickly Pear Products is delicious! I drink it straight but my son likes to dilute in juice. Either way it tastes great & the antioxidant properties are noticeably helping me with my issues of inflammation, digestion, and appetite. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. (11/17/2011)

"You wanted my feedback on the juice, I forgot to send ours. My mother takes hers and she said she couldn't really tell there was a big change, but I think she feels better when she takes it. Her blood work was better than before she started taking it. As for myself, I notice there is no swelling in my knees but doesn't seem to do much for the pain in my knees. However, it seems that my back is better... Overall, we enjoy drinking it and I do like the fact that I do not have large swollen knees... My older sister said she felt better also. She is anxious to order more, but is in the process of moving." Thanks again, Shirley. (11/30/2011)

AMAZON Customer: 

"Speedy delivery and great customer service! "So I don't know how to simply review the seller, but they really got the customer service thing down - or at least with my experience. I got my package in like 3-4 days, well wrapped in bubble wrap. He sent an email saying when he shipped it and when it would likely arrive and gave me info about the product. This juice is smooth and tasty. It is NOT solely "Prickly Pear" juice. It's a mix of other juices as well, but even with that mix, I noticed an improvement in my forearm potential carpal tunnel pain. I definitely had a good experience and I'll very likely be purchasing more in the future." Amazon Customer rated 5 out of 5 stars. (12/26/2011)

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